The Best Calcium Supplement

Nano Calcium Essential

Nano Calcium Essential offers the best calcium to consumers. Engineered by cutting edge technology giving a distinct advantage over other calcium supplements currently in the market place.

nanoval bottle
3d pulverizer

3DTop-Down Nano Pulverizer System

During the last 10 years research and development of the World’s first 3D nano-pulveriser technology leading to the successful production of Nano Calcium Essential.This is the only technology available in the World that allows organic and inorganic materials to be manufactured through the ultra-pure classification system opening up a new chapter in the management of dietary supplementation.

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Calcium – the body’s vital component

Calcium is arguably the most important nutrient in your body and more than 99% of this calcium is stored in bones and teeth. Calcium is essential for many body functions. It helps regulate the heartbeat, muscle contraction and nerve conduction, as well as building and maintaining a healthy skeleton.

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Nano Powder

Nano powder produced by the 3D Top-Down Nano Pulverizer developed by AceNano exhibits unique properties, having a wide range of high value commercial applications in this rapidly expanding market. The smaller particle size means that it is possible to deliver supplements in new ways to patients.

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