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Nano-Calcium Essential

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Why Nanova Tech Inc Nano-Calcium Essential?

Nano Calcium Essential is produced by the award winning, World’s first, Top-Down technology - the process appropriate for producing nano-particle organic and inorganic materials.

This method crushes, cuts off, pressurizes, utilises friction, plus other -dimensional systems, for the manufacture of the highest quality, sphere-shaped nano-particle calcium, from mass volume edible oyster shells. The particle size distribution for Nano Calcium Essential is very narrow and uniform, mostly within 30-900nm, smaller than a human blood cell, see Fig 1.

The spherical shape of the particle allows perfect contact with other elements enabling it to be readily dissolved and ionized, then quickly absorbed into the body after consumption within the upper part of the small intestine, the duodenum. This innovative calcium product is produced by stringent quality controlled management systems. Nano Calcium Essential is 100,000 times smaller in particle size, and has 4 times better absorption, than general calcium supplements due to its unique nano-technology manufacturing process, enabling almost 100% absorption of calcium into the blood stream for utilisation by the body.



The average size of general calcium supplement particles commercially available is about the same as the diameter of a human hair, approximately 100μm, with a needle shape which cannot be easily digested or absorbed by the body, see Fig 2. Only ~23% of this elemental calcium consumed will be absorbed into the bloodstream due to its relative large particle size and shape. Some of the remaining undigested calcium may cause unwanted side effects, for example constipation or kidney stones. Therefore, a very small amount of Nano Calcium Essential is enough, compared to general calcium supplements, to provide the required additional calcium intake. This high absorption of Nano Calcium Essential also minimizes the risk of the side effects associated with undigested calcium.

According to recommendations from healthcare professionals calcium is absorbed most efficiently by our bodies when it is taken as 500mg or less per dose.

Fig 1. SEM of nano-calcium particles 30-900nm
Fig 2. SEM of general calcium particles >100μm

Recommended Dosage for Nanova Tech Inc Nano-Calcium Essential

Each capsule of Nano Calcium Essential contains 220mg of calcium carbonate, equivalent to 82mg of elemental calcium. The recommended dose is up to 2 capsules daily taken with water and preferably with meals.

Stability of Nano-Calcium Essential

Nano Calcium Essential has a guaranteed 100% stability. The raw materials are supplied through stringent quality testing and the US FDA regularly implements the heavy metal test, calcium-content test, nutrition test, and also randomly re-examines the product, to provide the customer with the highest quality product from a pure and safe supply.

Nano Calcium Essential is free from chromium, lead, barium and mercury.

Nano Calcium Essential contains no sugar, starch gluten, yeast, artificial colouring, flavouring or preservatives and is suitable for consumers of all ages.

*If pregnant or breast feeding, it is recommended that a healthcare professional be consulted before using this product.
** Prince RL et al. Effects of Calcium Supplementation on Clinical Fracture and Bone Structure. Results of a 5-year, Double-blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial in Elderly Women. Arch Intern Med Vol 166, 2006 869 - 875.
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