Nano Powder

Nano powders are solid particles that measure on the nano scale.

Nanoparticles cover a diverse range of chemical and other entities. They can be metallic, mineral, polymer-based oral combination of materials. Nano powders, which are solid particles that measure on the nano scale, can be used in various applications such as catalysts, drug delivery mechanisms, dyes, sunscreens, filters and much more. Nano powders have been of extreme interest in the pharmaceutical field. The smaller particle size means is possible to be able to deliver medication in new ways to patients, through solutions, oral administration, injection, aerosol and inhaler.

Nano powder produced by the 3D Top-Down Nano Pulverizer developed by AceNano exhibits unique properties, having a wide range of high value commercial applications in this rapidly expanding market.

The key advantages of Nano powder are as follows:

Figure 10. Particle size distribution for nano-particles produced by Nanova Tech Inc. compared to other methods.

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