Posted on Dec 7, 2018

5 Ways Nanoparticles Will Improve Our Lives


It wasn’t long ago that nanoparticles seemed like a thing of science fiction books and movies. But these tiny particles—just 0.1% the thickness of a piece of newspaper—are already starting to revolutionize our world, and they aren’t stopping anytime soon.

It’s impossible to list every single benefit that nanoparticles will bring us, but here are five ways that nanoparticles will, or already are, improving our lives.

1. Improved Vehicles

Nanoparticles, while being so small, are incredibly strong . Because of this, they are great for use in everyday technologies like the vehicles we rely on

nano-technology carsIn cars, nanoparticles can be used to make your vehicle virtually rust-proof . Nanoparticles are used to create a coating that repels most anything: moisture, salt, dirt, rocks. All the nasty things that will destroy your car over time.

Nanoparticles can also be used in the manufacturing of the car’s parts, allowing for an engine that can burn fuel more efficiently, air filters that filter virtually everything, and more powerful, longer-lasting batteries . This especially makes nanoparticle research beneficial to the growing electric car industry .

2. Improved Luxuries

Most of the improvements on this list are improvements that we need, but nanoparticles will also give us improvements for those nice-to-haves.

You may have already seen nanoparticles advertised on the clothes you wear. Like coating cars, more and more clothes are made with nanoparticles to repel stains and water . But these nanoparticles can go further than that; they can make clothing stronger and even fire resistant without using potentially toxic materials.

Nanoparticles are being used to create stronger, lighter sports equipment, too. Athletes can improve their performance without having to worry about doing potentially permanent damage.

These tiny particles are improving televisions and phones, as well. There are already products on the market that use nanoparticles to create denser pixels, creating a more vivid picture using quantum dot LEDs , now known as QLEDs. Nanoparticles are also being used to create flexible, bendable screens for your phone.

3. Improved Medicine

Because of their incredibly small size, nanoparticles can allow medical professionals to examine and diagnose their clients much more quickly than they do now. Diagnostic imaging relies on the absorption of material into the body, and nothing gets absorbed more quickly than nanoparticles.

Syringe and Glass Bottle Beside PillsFor that reason, supplements and medicine are absorbed much more effectively and efficiently when delivered in nanoparticle form. This means that medicine can be smaller and more cost-effective, while delivering even greater results.

Research into nanoparticles is also unveiling alternative ways to deliver vaccines. Rather than with a needle—which some people have crippling phobias of—nanoparticles will allow doctors to administer vaccines via a pill or nasal spray. These alternative forms are cheaper, easier to produce, and, in the case of a vaccine like the flu shot, can protect against more strains of a virus.

4. Improved Environmental Protection

The improvements offered by nanoparticles don’t just stop with us but extends to our world as well. These particles are being used to create a sort of sponge or paper towel equivalent that can absorb up to 20x its weight in oil .

While that’s tough to envision, the average paper towel roll weighs about half a pound. Now imagine if that could absorb 10 pounds (or about 22 liters) of oil, without producing the waste of a normal paper towel roll.

Fluid Pouring in Pint GlassNanoparticles are also being used to create more effective water filters. Because most pollutants, bacteria, and viruses in water are bigger than nanoparticles, these new water filters can purify even the dirtiest water . The result? Perfect drinking water.

And the same flexible technology used in bendable screens can be used with solar panels . Even better, nanoparticles are proving to be more effective at absorbing solar rays than any technology we are using now.

5.  Improved Cancer Treatments

Breast Cancer Awareness on Teal Wooden SurfaceOne of the most exciting and life-changing innovations coming with nanoparticles and nanotechnology is its applications to cancer detection and treatment.

Doctors and researchers are hoping that, in the near future, nanoparticles will be able to detect cancer at a much earlier stage than we can now. The unfortunate reality is that most victims of cancer catch it too late for treatment to be effective. With the development of nanoparticles, the process of detecting cancer will become easier and be viable earlier.

There are a variety of ways that nanoparticles are being developed to treat cancer, too. Some nanoparticles are being hidden in gold particles or are shaped differently than DNA, so they aren’t attacked by the immune system on the way to treating a tumor. Other nanoparticles are used to kill the tumor with targeted heat treatment . Some researchers are using nanoparticles as a carrier of the chemotherapy drug , since the pores in the membrane of a tumor are actually bigger than the nanoparticles themselves.

The future of nanoparticles is not coming, it is already here. We are already enjoying the benefits that early nanoparticle technology has brought us. Nano-Calcium Essential is one of those benefits—a calcium supplement that is absorbed 4x better than traditional calcium supplements. With more innovations on the way, it is safe to say that nanotechnology will continue improving our lives for years to come. Nano-Cal is available at our online store at

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